Hank Parater

HH Homes, LLC; previously known as "Handy Hank's". The company offers Remodeling, Home Flipping, & Handy Man services in the Frederick, Maryland area. Hank started the business in 2010 along side his day job as to help with the high cost of living. Within a year he went out on his own mostly doing power washing, gutter cleaning, painting and small carpentry jobs as a sub contractor. In no time the company was growing and eventually became a sustainable residential remodeling company. Recently, HH Homes, LLC has been partnering with investors and flipping houses. Hank is responsible for overseeing each project from start to finish. If you, or someone you know wants to flip a house and make some extra money, call Hank and he can walk you through the entire process. HH Homes, LLC seeks to continue to grow and keep a good reputation in the community by servicing home owners in need of a little help and who don't want to pay a faceless company. Hank personally estimates each job and is sometimes present throughout the project. Estimates are always thorough and honest upfront, so the client is not hit with mysterious up-charges at the time of invoice. Handy Hank's may not be the cheapest in town and probably not the most expensive either, but we guarantee a pleasurable experience and honesty throughout.

"If a job is once begun, see it through until it's done, be the labor big or small, do it right, or not at all"